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Low Volatility Stocks

The Best Kept Secret in Finance.

Surprising, but it’s a fact.  Low risk stocks produce higher returns over time than risky ones.  The evidence is now in that most economists and finance professors simply got it wrong.  In 1972, Robert A. (Bob) Haugen, PhD and his coauthor, Dr. Jim Heins, identified the Low Volatility Anomaly and numerous studies have now confirmed their findings.

Risk Verses Return Scatter Plot Showing Low Volatility Stocks Outperforming HIgher Voloatility Stocks

Today, the body of research supporting the Low Volatility Anomaly spans from 1926 to the present. In fact, the most recent research by Nardin Baker and Bob Haugen proves that from 1990 – 2011 low risk stocks have produced higher returns in every market worldwide – including emerging markets.  And their article explains why.

Until now, it’s been a challenge to find tools and useful information about the Low Volatility Anomaly.  Today it’s all here at, your singular source for tools, information and resources on “low vol” investing.

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